M Autorun Killer

M Autorun Killer for Windows

Erase the AUTORUN virus from your PC with the help of this application


  • Smart scan
  • Automatically scan and clean and vaccinate PC and USB storages.


    Erase the AUTORUN virus from your PC with the help of this application

    this is a small anti-virus application designed with the sole purpose of protecting your system from those threats and viruses that use the autorun.inf file of your USB removable devices to infect your computer. The program’s protection strategy is two-fold – it scans your system looking for already existing viruses and protects it from any USB drive connected to it.
    The first step is to make sure that your computer and any removable devices are clean and free of viruses. To do so, it will scan them thoroughly searching for threats, cleaning them immediately if found. Then, in order to protect your computer from any new viruses coming though the autorun file stored in your USB devices, the program will vaccinate all your drives.

    Attractive and innovative interface layout.
    Full-time protection - allows you to launch it at startup and works silently in the background.
    Fixes your Registry.
    Light software tool
    Smart scan part
    Complete USB protection
    Automatically vaccinate USB & PC drives
    Doesn’t slow down your PC at all (Startup Time, …)
    Faster speed
    No need signature updates
    Compatible with all antivirus softwares
    100% protection against any threats via USB drives

    it can clean autorun,inf viruses very good so anybody that use USB storages can download and install this software to protect own computer and flash drives from autorun.inf viruses for ever.

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    M Autorun Killer


    M Autorun Killer 3.0 Smart

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